Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple picking!

We went apple picking today, and well… We made a memory! It was MUCH hotter than we thought, so we were all dressed too warm, none of the apple trees were labeled, so we had NO idea what we were picking, on the way to the orchard, Abby threw up in the car from the windy roads, and while we were in line for the hayride, Emily got stung by a bee Sad smile But, in the end, everyone seemed to have a good time, and now we have homemade applesauce on the stove, and an apple pie in the oven! MMMMNNNNN!








IMG_9907 IMG_9908

Mommy & Ben were there too, but Aunt Jenna doesn’t know how to use mommy’s camera so they are a little out of focus…


What a fun day! (Pay no attention to the man’s butt in the background)!


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