Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our first trip to the ER

Well, it finally happened… we made our first trip today to the ER. Abby fell off the monkey bars at school today and sliced open her eyebrow. After getting the call no parent wants to hear from their kids teacher, Emily and I headed over there, and immediately knew she would need a little “fix-me-up” from the ER doc. While she was a bit weepy when I was explaining everything to her, once the doctor came in, there was not another single tear shed… and this was through being wrapped in a papoose, being strapped to the table, being injected with Lidocaine, and given FIVE stitches. Not only did she do great, but she actually fell asleep while he was sewing her up! The doctor said she was one of the best patients he’s ever had! The bruising has just started, and we’ve been informed that it will likely get much worse, but she is doing great, and I’m so proud of her (and ME for holding it together)!





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