Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our popcorn party at preschool!

Today was a special day at preschool, as we celebrated Thanksgiving with a popcorn party! Mommy even came and took some pictures!

- Abby

IMG_3193 copy

We sang a fun song about how we use all of our five senses when we make popcorn…

IMG_3136  IMG_3154

IMG_3167 IMG_3169

I have such a good time with all my friends, but we missed our other classmate Allie who is out of town…


After our snack time, we lined up to head down to the basement, where there was a cool surprise waiting for us…

IMG_3213  IMG_3211

Our very own Indian Teepee! My Indian name was “Singing Sparrow”!

IMG_3218 IMG_3232

We’ve been learning SO much in preschool…


My favorite job is to feed the fish, but handing out the flutes is pretty cool too…

IMG_3115 IMG_3135

We’ve been learning about the 5 senses lately!


Grandma Worthing is VERY patient about helping me learn to write my letters and numbers!

IMG_3104  IMG_3126


You’re the best Grandma Worthing!


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