Sunday, March 7, 2010

Doggie birthday party!

We had a double doggie birthday party this weekend for my Cody dog & my dog cousin, Shamus! It was Shamus's FIRST birthday, so Aunt Bridget and I made some special dog bones for them & mommy even got them party hats! They loved the bones, but could have done without the hats! We had a hard time telling them apart this time... they look the same!


Cody looked MISERABLE... first she had to get a haircut, then she had to share her house with Shamus, and to top it all off, mommy made her wear her own party hat...

I loved helping them opening up their presents... although Cody could have done it all by herself!

The dogs LOVED their dog bone "birthday cake" that we made for them!

Shamus was even caught stealing a few...

Happy birthday Cody & Shamus!

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