Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Dora the Explorer birthday party!

I had my very special "Dora the Explorer" birthday party today, and I had a blast! My mommy bought all kinds of cool decorations, and my Nannie, Grandpa, Aunt Bridget, and Uncle Kevin all came to celebrate with me! It was the best party EVER!!!

Guess what... I got a life-sized Dora balloon, and it was just like she was at the party too!

I loved playing ring-around-the-rosie with her, Aunt Bridget & Grandpa!

Mommy and Daddy made me a map... just like on the Dora show, that I could follow to find where all my presents were hidden! This is my favorite game to play with daddy!

This is what my map looked like:

The first stop on the map was the laundry room, where I found a present in the dryer... my new rain boots that I can't wait to wear outside in the puddles!

My next stop was upstairs in my bed... where I found another present... Dora sippy cups!!!

My last stop was at the piano, where Dora was waiting to give me my new tricycle! I LOVE it... especially the bell! Thanks mommy & daddy!

After my treasure hunt, I got to open even MORE presents from my Nannie & Grandpa, and Aunt Bridget and Uncle Kevin! I loved my "Wonder Pets" boat, my singing microphone, and my Dora bath toys! Thanks everyone!

I even put on a show for everyone, and sang "Happy Birthday" to myself!

Mommy made me a special Dora cupcake tower for my birthday cake... it was so cool, and my favorite part was when everyone sang "Happy Birthday to me"... I know all the words, so I sang too!

I couldn't WAIT to dig in... so I didn't!!!

Here's a little video of my favorite part of the party... the singing!!!!

Thank you everyone for a GREAT birthday!

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