Friday, October 10, 2008

Daddy took me to Chuck E Cheese!

Daddy's been waiting FOREVER to take me to Chuck E Cheese, and we finally got to go last night! I loved the games & some of the rides, but most of all, I loved spending time with my daddy!

The rubber ducky game was DEFINATELY my favorite... I kept running back to play more!

I think I was talking to Chuck E Cheese himself on the phone!

I'm even almost big enough to play air hockey! Mommy says I'm growing up so fast...

Daddy showed me all the stuffed animals that danced on stage while we ate our dinner... he told me he remembered them from when he was little... they must be really old, because they were moving kind of slow!

I was better at throwing the ball in skeeball than I was at rolling it, and it never really made it as far as daddy's did, but I tried!

When we finished playing all our games, we traded in all my tickets I had won for a prize... I won 34 tickets!

There were so many to choose from!

The twisty straw that mommy picked out for me was definately the coolest one there!

We ended our fun trip getting a sketch done of the two of us... I love you daddy!

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jay_say said...

Places like that are great... we of course go to Peter Piper Pizza (which is just like Chuck E Cheese), however, my hubby works for PPP... we've been going since the boys were little... all three just love it!

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