Sunday, March 23, 2008


I went to visit my Nannie, Grandpa, Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin in Long Island for Easter this year... we all had a blast!

My favorite new thing to do is knock down towers! Wasn't that yours when you were little?!?!?

The Easter Bunny brought me a special basket with some Easter books, toys and eggs filled with Cheerios! I wasn't too sure about the Easter grass mommy put on my head though...

I got all dressed up in my new Easter dress from my Nannie & went on an egg hunt! They made it too easy for me, but I had fun anyway!

Here's a short video of my hunt for Cheerio filled eggs! Happy Easter everyone!

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Grandpa Hawk said...

Dear Abby,
I'm sorry to hear about your cold, but it will be Spring soon and you can go back to the park for more pictures. We love your pictures. How did you ever find those eggs that your Grandpa and Nana hid on their lawn? Talk to you soon.
Love you all,

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