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Abby's a Mom!

Abby is taking child development this semester in school, and she finally got the opportunity to "be pregnant", work on a childbirth budget, and bring a robot baby home for 2 days and nights. It wasn't all smooth sailing, as he needed to eat A LOT and one of his diapers were broken which made for extra crying... All I have to say is, thank God for grandmas (apparently, I still have the "special touch" with babies)! And now... Meet "Leo Jack Beach"! She got to wear the pregnancy belly in school for a period, and she said that getting up from laying down was definitely the hardest, and she needed two people to help her up!  She arrived home one after this week with Leo and was very excited, but nervous to get started! Her teacher turned him "on" remotely sat 3pm, and he very quickly started crying for a diaper change! Luckily he settled down pretty quickly! Ben and Emily were excited to meet their new little nephew too!   Abby took the fastest

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