Emily's Band Concert

Emily's first band concert of 8th grade was awesome! She was rocking the drum set in Jazz Band and was awesome on percussion in her regular band performance!

Her group of friendly band supporters keep growing!

Surprise!!!! Karin's early birthday adventure

Since we're going to be gone for my birthday, Brian surprised me BIG time with an early birthday gift! I have tried "twerking" when we hang out with friends lately, and apparently, I am NOT very good at it, and always said I should take a class... Brian found a place and got my awesome friends to join me in a surprise private twerking and pole dancing lesson! I can't say I'm any better after my hour lesson, but we most definitely have amazingly funny memories together! Thank you Brian, and to my girlfriends for being willing to indulge me in my crazy adventures!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was a bit rainy, but it didn't slow our celebrations down! We still had our neighbor dinner of brain jello, pizza and spooky punch, followed by some trick or treating (some of the time it was even dry)!

Fall time in NC!

Fall time in NC went by quickly for me since I felt horrible from Covid for a lot of it, but we got to enjoy many of our favorite activities! The girls volunteered at the neighborhood Fall fest, and we all had fun carving pumpkins with neighbors to get ready for Halloween!


Student Coucil

We spent a crafting night with friends to help Emily make her posters to run for Student Council 8th Grade Representative. It was a fun variation to our Friday night routines and Emily appreciated all the support!

All our hard work paid off... She won!!!!! Congratulations Emily!